Recipes and Food


Ever since I was young, I started cooking my own meals whether it was on a grill, a habachi, a stovetop, an oven, or even a microwave.┬áLearning to cook my own meals came in handy later in my early adult years when I went to college, and I had to fend on my own. I wasn’t happy just eating plain rice or ramen noodles like most college students would cook.

I was nose deep in cookbooks reading recipes and watching cooking shows, going to the market for ingredients, and trying new meals. I ate like a king going through college. No nasty plain food for me.

The following pages contain recipes for you to try on your own. I have made these recipes for years. I learned them from various sources but each recipe I have made over time and have made my own. The concept of the recipe is there but I have tweaked recipes to suit my tastes. Like any Chef, they will make a dish as they see fit. Every Chef has a variation on making something as simple as scrambled eggs. Yes, there is a recipe to make scrambled eggs. Every Chef learns how to make scrambled eggs as their first dish.

I’m not a professional Chef nor do I want to be. My hats off to them. They work long hard hours. I do enjoy cooking though, and I hope you enjoy the recipes I will be posting.

Even though SPAM is tasty I have only done one meal with this as an ingredient. Don’t worry, you’ll be treated to some culinary treats. We are not starting with Scrambled Eggs as the first recipe.

Now try the recipes and enjoy.